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Design and Construction of Whitewater Channels

Design and Construction of Whitewater Channels …for Paddlesports
Design and construction of whitewater channels for paddlesports and swiftwater rescue training, using innovative pre-cast concrete technology. 1) When I was a kid we were fortunate enough to have great opportunities and experiences as we learnt to kayak. Lifelong friendships were formed and from humble beginnings, with great teachers, we went on to kayak around the world, shaping our futures for ever….
2) How do provide the next generation the route to such experiences? This film is how we achieved a dream to provide a whitewater park within reach to everybody who wants to get out and learn to paddle.
3) The real innovation is based around the RapidBlocs whitewater obstacle system. Its versatility allows us to produce a very simple and cost effective pre-cast concrete channel. RapidBlocs then do the work to sculpt and shape amazing whitewater.
4) Fundamentally the process involves making a whitewater channel a product which is repeatable and mass produced.
5) To do this we manufacture pre-cast concrete panels in a factory environment, complete with rails for mounting the RapidBlocs on to. Within the factory we have complete control over quality and can produce the units the most economic way possible, free from the pressures of regular site construction works.
6) In effect we are making a flat pack whitewater course.
7) Meanwhile the channel is dug and formed on site.
8) Once complete we then bring in the pre-cast units and start placing them and on a good day 30m of channel floor can go in.
9) We then form the walls using a kicker and starter bars contained within the pre-cast concrete sections. Steel reinforcement used in the walls is sheets of welded mesh pre cut into sized panels. It is in place in a matter of minutes. Concrete shutters are then lifted into position and long continuous sections of walls are poured.
10) The RapidBlocs are roto-moulded and assembled in the factory before being brought to site. They are installed as soon as each section of the channel is finished.
11) 100m of channel can be completed, ready for water to flow, every 10 weeks.
12) The pump station build is simultaneous to the channel system and we fit the pumps and electrical equipment as soon as the concrete works are complete.
13) All we then have to do is start the pumps and we have some amazing whitewater…

…for Paddlesports

Design and Construction of Whitewater Channels …for Swift Water Rescue Training
Design and Construction of Whitewater Channels …for Swift Water Rescue Training

…for Swift Water Rescue Training

Using innovative pre-cast concrete technology

Precast Concrete Technology:
Registered Design 4033484
US Design Patent Pending No. 29/483,663

Utilising RapidBloc 3 Dimensional Obstacle System
Patent No. WO 2010118389 & Registered Design 4011933


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